Picking Up A Stray Cat (Kitten) Into Your Arms

First, – know the difference between the stray cat and a feral cat!

norwegian forest cat kitten
Nine, one of the Catooges at the age of 4 months.

If you think this cat is a stray, then first of all, it needs to be fed! Let it taste the food and enjoy it a little. You do not want to stress the kitty more, you want it to start thinking she did find a good place again!

Place the food in a manner where you can approach the cat from the front. Hungry cat NEVER backs away from food, but will run if suspects danger from behind or the side.

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Have a blanket or a thick towel ready. Place the towel on your stretched in front of you arms, but do not cover the palms.

Slowly reach out with your palms open. Slowly raise yourself so that you can be at about 45 degree angle. Always sweet talk to the cat! The strays DO detect the changes in tone. They crave the Love.

Once sure that you can drop the towel over the body, do so quickly and raise the cat with both hands, keeping the towel wrapped up around the belly, and closer to the hind legs.

Join the palms, thus wrapping the towel under and maintaining the firm grip on the belly. A this time the longer end of the towel that was resting closer to the elbows in your arms is still covering the kitty eyes. So, you have a few moments to act. Cats become a little fruzzled when they are crowded. But only for a second or two.

Make sure to keep your face at a safe distance. Slowly position your hands so that they now cover the kitty’s elbow. Place the kitty in your lap. See what she will be doing next. If she really is trying to escape, let her go, Could be a feral cat or you stressed her out too much. If latter, she will come back again.

At all times, make sure that there are no little kids around, or anybody who is just trying to “pet the kitty”. No palms approaches from down towards! Only stretched and opened palms.

If the kitty is settled right away, you can be pretty sure she was desperately looking for s shelter. Please, give her one.

xoxo, Nine

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