Having three cats in a small house can be quite a challenging task… Especially if you want to keep the house completely cat odor free.

Back in the day, when I only had one cat, late Lucy, I used to buy the cheapest stuff and it worked, but at the end it cost me more money. It was supposed to be scoopable, but it did not clamp very well and I had to throw the whole tray away once a week.

When I added Sky, the problem rose higher.

Just by chance, I stiooed by a pet store where I never stopped before, partially because it was very inconveniently located for me. They had a huge selection of litters, but all of them seemed ridicilously high priced. I grabbed the first one that was not very expensive, and went home.

When I opened the bag, I could tell this was a different kind of litter altogether. Finers, smaller granules that looked very promising for clamping and scooping.

I went back to the litter box at the end of the next day to see what was happening, as the house noticeably did not have any cat smell. I was very pleasantly s surpised when I saw that all of the kitty business was neatly covered with litter and the laundry room kept the smell of the freshener!

Needless to say, I became a die hard fan of this litter, and so did the Catooges. In fact, when I brought it home the other day they all took turns taking pictures with their favorite litter:


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