What Kittens Do At 4 AM

What do kittens do at 4 am? What do kittens do at night?

At 4 am in the morning the kittens like to destroy your slippers, knock the clock, steal beef jerky and hide it in your closet. They also love fighting with the heavy drawer door to get their catnip out! And let’s not forget the famous kitten flea tap! The kittens would do anything but sleep at night!

Cats are nocturnal animals and keep busy at night, hunting and playing.. And kittens are even worse as their energy levels are far off.

Nine, or Ni Lille Mann Monark Undre Stovier is a very busy kitten at night.  Anything on his way is immediately turned into a toy! We had to literally “child proof” our entire house! Can’t have any strings on curtains, any shoes left out, no cords left unattended and no beef jerky left on the table.

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