Kittens are perfect students because they can be taught just about anything! Kittens can be taught bowling 10 pins! You do not have to trick your kitten with a laser! Just show them how it is done and let them practice!

Nine (Ni Lille Mann Monark Undre Stovier) is a very playful stray kitten who found our home in the middle of nowhere. He is also very observant and very smart. He copies a lot of what humans and his older cat brothers do.

At first, he was doing really well after being shown a few times what the ball does to pins. But being a small kitten, he just did not have enough strength to knock the pins down by rolling the ball at them. So, the frustration took over. Obviously, attracted to the sound of falling pins, he figured his own way how to get strikes! At the end, the sound of the dropped ball is his clue to deal with the pins in his own way!

I will not take him with me to the bowling alley, as he will embarrass me with his cheating! By the way, he reminded me of a few people I know who would love to use Nine’s strike technique at the bowling alley!

It is very important to spend time with your kitties, no matter what age and interact with them through play. Playing and human attention makes them feel happy and will extend their life span!

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