Kitten Sports In A Box

Exercise is very important for the indoor cats. Especially it is important for kittens, as they burst with abundance of energy. What can be easier than finding a couple of boxes. Leave them on the floor and watch your kitten turning them into the kitty gym!

Kittens have passion for boxes, we all know that! Boxes provide comfort and security, so important to felines. Boxes can be an endless source of amusement for all cats alike – from a kitten to a big lion.

Our Nine (Ni Lille Mann Monark Undre Stovier) is of course, no exception to this rule. One day he came up with his own set of kitty exercise in the box gym! High Jump, Hurdles, even the Catormula One (kitty version of car racing). I had to finally put the boxes away, as the Nine’s older brothers, Sky and Junior were fighting him for a chance to exercise! While Junior does need a lot of activity to keep his weight down, still – it is not fair to fight a kitten for the bench at the gym!

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