It was a nice and lazy Sunday afternoon. Sky was resting on his favorite cat tree, making sure the neighborhood was under good watch. He was so handsome, I had to take some pictures.

I read somewhere that black cats get that red shade to the fur if they spend too much time in the Sun. I have to disagree with that. Sky hates the Sun, and heat, for that matter. Every time we let him out in the enclosure, he makes sure to head for the shade.His favorite spot happens to be by the East side window, which is shaded by the trees most of the time. So, that theory kind of does not work here.

Sky maintains his luxurious coat well, and I partially credit

for such shiny coat.

Sky is Domestic Long Hair cat, and that means that his fur can not be classified as “smoke”, which is the trait of pedigreed Maine Coons. As much as I would like to call this “chocolate smoke”, it is not. And I have no idea where he got this luxurious red tone to his beautiful coat.

Once again, I attribute it to the food I give him, for the fact he hardly ever has hairball problems. Not that they do not exist at all, but way less than you would expect from such long hair kitty. I also do not support bathing cats. So, I brush him regularly.

Here is our King Sky:

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