In this episode Nine, our wonder travelling miracle discovers that lasers are fun!

It is very important to interact with your kittens and cats every day. The play not only helps their development, but also provides them with much needed exercise , prevents obesity and extends their life span! Nine is a Norwegian Forest Cat kitten, who was a miracle stray suddenly appearing at our remote location. He is a very playful and strong cat. In this video he is not even 6 months old, yet he is showing the signs of becoming quite a big kitty.



In the early stages of life kittens twitch or make other funny motions simply because they are growing! They grow fast, and their muscles need to be constantly engaged in motion. This happens even when they sleep!

Nine is a very fast growing kitten and is already a big boy at the sweet age of 5 ½ months. He is a Norwegian Forest Cat, and he will take about 3 years to fully grow. He is very active when he is awake. So, he does exercise his muscles a lot, promoting their growth while he sleeps as well.

Most of the time Nine (Ni Lille Mann Monark Undre Stovier) sleeps on his back. Naturally, he stretches his paws into the air. In this video he amused us with a drumming session on his invisible sky drums.

It is hard to say for sure if kittens dream at the early age. Since the cat sleeps about 16 hours a day, then majority of growth happens during the sleep. Some kittens would rotate their paws more often than stretch them. Some kittens would “suckle” on air. As long as the kitten is not suddenly twitches and “freezes” – which could be a sign of a seizure, or does not move at all (some say this could be a sign of a kitten being unhealthy), enjoy while you can! When they grow older, they usually just snore really loud.

What Kittens Do At 4 AM

What do kittens do at 4 am? What do kittens do at night?

At 4 am in the morning the kittens like to destroy your slippers, knock the clock, steal beef jerky and hide it in your closet. They also love fighting with the heavy drawer door to get their catnip out! And let’s not forget the famous kitten flea tap! The kittens would do anything but sleep at night!

Cats are nocturnal animals and keep busy at night, hunting and playing.. And kittens are even worse as their energy levels are far off.

Nine, or Ni Lille Mann Monark Undre Stovier is a very busy kitten at night.  Anything on his way is immediately turned into a toy! We had to literally “child proof” our entire house! Can’t have any strings on curtains, any shoes left out, no cords left unattended and no beef jerky left on the table.


Kittens are perfect students because they can be taught just about anything! Kittens can be taught bowling 10 pins! You do not have to trick your kitten with a laser! Just show them how it is done and let them practice!

Nine (Ni Lille Mann Monark Undre Stovier) is a very playful stray kitten who found our home in the middle of nowhere. He is also very observant and very smart. He copies a lot of what humans and his older cat brothers do.

At first, he was doing really well after being shown a few times what the ball does to pins. But being a small kitten, he just did not have enough strength to knock the pins down by rolling the ball at them. So, the frustration took over. Obviously, attracted to the sound of falling pins, he figured his own way how to get strikes! At the end, the sound of the dropped ball is his clue to deal with the pins in his own way!

I will not take him with me to the bowling alley, as he will embarrass me with his cheating! By the way, he reminded me of a few people I know who would love to use Nine’s strike technique at the bowling alley!

It is very important to spend time with your kitties, no matter what age and interact with them through play. Playing and human attention makes them feel happy and will extend their life span!

Kitten Sports In A Box

Exercise is very important for the indoor cats. Especially it is important for kittens, as they burst with abundance of energy. What can be easier than finding a couple of boxes. Leave them on the floor and watch your kitten turning them into the kitty gym!

Kittens have passion for boxes, we all know that! Boxes provide comfort and security, so important to felines. Boxes can be an endless source of amusement for all cats alike – from a kitten to a big lion.

Our Nine (Ni Lille Mann Monark Undre Stovier) is of course, no exception to this rule. One day he came up with his own set of kitty exercise in the box gym! High Jump, Hurdles, even the Catormula One (kitty version of car racing). I had to finally put the boxes away, as the Nine’s older brothers, Sky and Junior were fighting him for a chance to exercise! While Junior does need a lot of activity to keep his weight down, still – it is not fair to fight a kitten for the bench at the gym!

Is This A Kitten Or A Squirrel?

What would a kitten do with a bag full of bottle caps? Well, he could… turn them into the ultimate kitten treasure! Find out how!

I have been collecting the caps off my favorite wine for a couple of years now. I have a project in mind involving those caps. I store them in the bag under my desk in my home office. Sometimes, I would bump into that bag with my foot and the caps would make a loud noise.

One night I came home from a day business trip and rushed to the computer to file some reports. I noticed that the bag was laying in the middle of the office and was… pretty empty!

I had to investigate! As I walked into the living room, I noticed Nine with a cap in his mouth, moving towards the bedroom. What I saw next made me laugh!