Our tiny channel will be affected by the latest changes coming to YouTube on February 20, 2018. This video is intended for the support of other small channels who might have experienced the same shock after receiving the news.

The changes coming will demonetize all channels with less than 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of viewing time in the past 12 months.

In this video we will give you a brief history of our channel, our goals and will take an in-depth look at what the coming changes will mean to us, and to many other small channels. We will analyze some numbers and will try to put the whole experience into a perspective which will, hopefully, help some tiny channels to survive the turbulence.

This video is not monetized on purpose. To us (to me) it is more important to bring the message out there, and, hopefully, to build a new support system for the small content creators.

In this video I will analyze the numbers in the areas of viewing time, the correlation to income, and a few other things that have larger impact on small channels than on the established long time running channels.

In this video I will also try to share our (my) perspective and our (my) motivation to find the positive in the upcoming changes.

This channel has been the Partner since 2008. We never received any strikes on anything. I started it just as a channel for friends and clients. Most of the videos were private or unlisted. I was not branding or anything. I just wanted to share the video messages with whoever I thought would be interested in them.

Then one video, made public, in which a teenager is getting her first car for graduation by surprise, took off and generated a lot of views. That was the time of motivation. I started to publish videos reviewing the newest Ford cars. That went well, too.  However, I would change their status to private or unlisted after a certain amount of time, just to keep the content up to date.

Then, in 2015, a ton of unfortunate events took place in my life. My Mother passed away, my business took an unexpected turn down, and my cat of 13 years died. Many colors disappeared from my world. For the next 2 years it was just a monotony of trying to rebuild, to survive, to pay the bills.

There was so much useful content that I could have put out there, but restricted by some policies regulating my business (Government contractor) I was not able to share that valuable information.

Parallel to all of the events, I always had a soft heart for animals, cats in particular. I have been with cats all of my life. I have studied them, I have learned a lot about them.

When two years ago I moved to a tiny community, all of sudden this passion of mine took a new, and a very strong turn.

I did not realize, that the stray cat problem is not only the problem of Europe. Regardless of many ways the authorities try to control the cat population in my country and in my Province, there are large rural areas, where there is absolutely no by-laws regulating this issue.

In September 2017, a tiny stray kitten showed up at my door in the middle of nowhere. Facing a strong dilemma rather to take the kitten in, or to try and re-home him, I shot a phone video of him and posted an honest video. I shared that video in cat groups on Facebook. Suddenly, the people were right there, watching, commenting, subscribing.

The reason why I posted that video, was because I have used this tool before and did successfully re-homed a few strays. I did not leave any of those videos on the Channel, as I thought it would be unfair to the new owner. Plus, the videos did serve their purpose – to spread the message, and to get a new home for the cat.

After a very short period of time, we decided to keep the kitten. With that decision also came an idea to start a web community to contribute to solving the problems of strays here. We started making videos. We got more views and subscribers in the last 90 days, than we did in a lifetime.

The idea behind all that was to help support our growing group of rescued cats (as you know, we have three catooges right now) and all those strays that live around. Our location, unfortunately, seems to be perfect for people dumping their unwanted cats on the highway. The fact that this is a farming remote community does not help, either. We volunteered to spay and neuter as much as we could. That all costs money. Yes, we could continue pulling that money out of our thin pockets. But instead we came here to generate the funds necessary.

We shoot our videos with a phone camera, we process them on the old, dying PC. Yes, we could only dream of generating enough to upgrade the equipment and to make the content that we know can! Become popular.

Videos that we make are being watched all over the world, not just here. We try to make a unique content, putting time and effort into those videos. Our subscribers support us. People comment on our videos in a very positive way, encouraging us to continue what we have just started.

However, in the eyes of the YouTube, we are just not good enough for now. This video was made to find positive in the changes. Not to come up with an ultimatum or childishly delete the channel, but to see if there is something that can actually encourage us and similar to our channels to do what we grown to love doing.

We have till February 20, 2018 to generate the required. Will we? Probably, not. But we will use this time to challenge our abilities and to let the whole world onto our own challenge. We will also use this time to find out rather we do have the ability to speak loud enough so that the viewers out there will hear. Basically, this is the challenge of creativity, motivation and spreading the message. We encourage other small channels affected by this latest Policy changes to join us.

At the end, if people do not need to watch what you have made, they will not. It is just that simple.

Below is one of our replies to our darling fans, who watched our video
What really makes me upset is that this is all happening after 10 years of the loyal partnership. The original email sent had the wording of “bad actors”. This hurts very much – being generalized like that. Basically, my channel was included in this labelling together with channels that were being monetized for simply using somebody else’s content or posting disgusting videos or all kinds of abuse and so on. The problem with those channels was that anyone can create as many channels as they want. And it is something that was overlooked by the YouTube itself – by allowing anyone to be monetized.
Why? Because the YouTube never reviewed the videos using the actual humans. It was all left to algorithms, bots, etc. Now that they realized that their platform is being used and abused and is loosing major advertisers such as Coca Cola, they do need the actual human review. By raising the mark this high, they hope to eliminate the extra work. But Coca Cola walked away because a MAJOR channel allowed some racial slur. It was not a small channel.
I absolutely AGREE with you, that by doing this, they will lose a LOT OF FRESH and UNIQUE. The established channels are all in their niches, and all they can do is to continue with what they grew with. Some of them are the professional YouTubers. so they call themselves. Due to many reasons these smart, forward thinking people ended up at some time making YouTube their job.
When I signed up for YouTube back in 2008, and through the years, I was not aware that I should either become a full time YouTuber, or insist on people subscribing to the channel. I am a laid back person. I do prefer to get what I can, not beg for it. I never violated any policies, and I only posted the original content which was liked and, as the practice now shows, actually drew some very bright minds like yours.
I will be making videos. I am working on the one this morning. Not in a desperate attempt to reach enough subscribers or views. I simply would not be able to… I will just have to move the videos to my website and work towards the website being noticed. I just recently started the newsletter. There are people subscribing… So, I will have my small army that I will share the videos with. Will, probably, give more efforts to the affiliate marketing.
I just do not want to leave my videos HERE for free. Because THIS IS UNFAIR.
The worst part – THERE IS NO ONE to write to, or to discuss this with. There is not a human being behind the contact info they provide.
SORRY FOR THE LONG RANT. I am still very upset, though I am working to find positive. Thank you for being our fan!

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