Nine’s First Poster

We are excited to announce the release of Nine’s first poster.

Blue Monday, Tiring hump-day Wednesday, party time Friday and… recovery Sunday.  Just $ 7.00 CDN will put a smile on any cat lover’s face!


Also, pillows, canvasses and wall tapestry available here:

Sunday Brunch with Nine Inaba Churu Treats!

Nine wanted to wish all a happy Sunday.

For brunch – tuna Inaba Churu treats, sent to us from one of our wonderful fans. Nine’s most favorite ever!

Norwegian Forest Cat at the table
Nine loves his treats

I strongly recommend you spoil your kitty with a treat from Inaba Churu collection. I trained my cats to do a lot of tricks with the help of this treat.

They come in a wide variety of flavors, and cats like squeezable creamy contents.

Here is the video of Nine and Sky enjoying the Inaba Churu Chicken:

There is a huge selection of Inaba treats on Amazon, but I would recommend this particular link below. You get all the flavors in one box! Spoil your kitty!

Fun Cat Names Ideas

NAME MY CAT – Fun Cat Name Creator by Nine’s Catudio 2019


This is a fun cat name creator (FCNC) from Nine’s Catudio for the cat owners who like to give their cats unique, fun, and creative names. We understand, that some cats come from the reputable breeders, with their own unique names. But sometimes the precious rescued furballs want to be named according to their heritage and unique looks, too! The best thing? Your cat does not have to have a pedigree to have a great name!

Little stray Norwegian Forest Kitten Nine has a full name: Ni Lille Mann Monark Undre Støvier (Nine Little Man Monark Wonder Boots). Want to know how he got his name and how your own precious kitty can have a unique name? Read on and use the FCNC!

The FCNC is currently intended for the following breeds: Norwegian Forest Cat, Russian Blue and Siberian. However, we welcome your contributions for other breeds!

HOW TO USE THE FUN CAT NAME CREATOR (you can choose, mix and match any of the below!):

  1. Define the breed of your cat (or the closest to the breed your mix might be) – it will be important for the choice of the original language for the name of your cat;
  2. Make the Time choice:  day you got the kitty, may be, even an hour that they showed up at your door, or the month; We named the kitten Nine, because he showed up at 9 pm;
  3. Make the Location choice: – where did you meet the kitty; We used the name of the nearby village;
  4. Make the Event choice: – this is where you imagination can run wild – we chose “Wonder” for our Nine, because it was a true miracle that the kitten found his way;
  5. Make the Body choice – note special markings or other definitive body traits of your cat or kitten – we chose “Boots” because Nine has 4 perfect white paws.
  6. Make the Charachter choice – see if the kitten is playful, inquisitive, mellow, etc;
  7. Make the Hero choice – maybe, you would like to use a folktail hero’s name? We have some suggestions below, but you could come up with your own, by researching the folklore characters of the country.
  8. Make the Sibling choice – if you are adding the new cat to the existing feline family, see how their names would translate into another language and then it gives you a whole new world of ideas for the new name.
  9. Make the Nickname choice – maybe, you already have a nickname for your new kitty. Add it to the name! Nine has “Little Man” because when he was just a kitten, he used to walk around like he owned the place, yet still a bit kitten wobbly.
  10. Translate into the language of your choice using Google Translate Form: Under the translation window, use the English transcript of the word/phrase. This will be your cat’s name pronunciation in the language of your choice!



NORWEGIAN:  Search This Page of Wikipedia to find a Norwegian folktale hero for the name of your cat. Remember, that the alphabet characters differ from English. For example, “Stovier” should be written as “Støvler”, but not always one can have a luxury of choosing the keyboard language. Choose the words that are as close to English alphabet as possible.

RUSSIAN: Traditionally, the name bears three parts – first name, middle name (patronymic) and the last name (mostly patronymic). If you want to have fun with the middle name, use  the suffix  -ich for boy cats and -evna or -ovna for girl cats. If you want to tailor the last name, use suffxes -in, ov (off), ev (eff) for boy cats and -ova, -eva (eeva) or -ina for girl cats.

Example: your Fluffy loves Turkey. If you have a boy and you want to keep the English name, add “ov/off” and you will have Fluffly Turkeynoff. The girl would have a name Fluffy Turkeynova.

You can also Search This Page of Wikipedia to find a Russian folktale hero for the name of your cat.

CHOOSING THE MAIN (FIRST NAME): Of course, you will not use the full name every day. So, you really want to choose the first  (the main name) that will get the attention of your cat and will be the most familiar name for him. For your cat to better respond to the name, try to find words with sound loud combinations. Leters J, R, S work the best, with or without combinations. If choosing soft letters such as L, N, V – make the names are short, with a vowel immediately after.

If you have any other suggestions, would like to participate in developing this creator, please, contact us.


Here are some practice rounds:

Grey Russian Blue girl cat with green eyes and a patch of white hair that looks like a little princess with a basket full of flowers, found in Thorhild in May at 7 pm.

Black Siberian boy cat with white socks and fluffy mane, really likes to climb the trees and sleep on top of your head.

Mackerel Red Tabby Norwegian Forest Cat boy cat with white dot at the end of the tail, hazel eyes and loves to play with water, rescued in Maple Creek at the age of 5.


We would love to hear back from you! Tell us the story of your cat’s name choice in the comments below!


Alternative to Cones and Nine’s N Day

Yes, our little furry doll reached the masculinity a little bit early. Barely six months old, Nine started spraying, and our odor-free house began to smell like a cattery…

We’d already had the appointment booked, but had to move it to a sooner date, due to Nine’s fast development.

I was very nervous. He is still such a small kitty and anything could go wrong. Also,  I found this article on follow this link to the article (will open in a new tab).  I did not realize that there could be downsides to neutering. Well, of course, it is a surgery and such, but I recommend you read the article to fully understand the impact of neutering and spaying on your furry babies.

So, overall, I was not too excited about the experience. Why was I so persistent to carry on with the neutering? Well, it needs to be done. So, off we went and got it done.

Nine was quite hyper when we picked him up. His pupils were dilated and he would not sit still for a minute. He is not a big talker, so he was not making any sounds, but I had a super difficult time keeping him secured in the car on the way home.

Cute little kitten in the medical cone
Nine on the way home in his funny cone

The vet gave us the cone. Though Nine looked adorable in it, it broke my heart to see him struggling to do simple things: get a drink of water, play with his toy. He kept bumping into the wall with it. He was still very much under the effect of the sedation.

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So, the next thing we did, was to remove the cone and outfit Nine in a 3 months old size baby sleeper. I bought it at a second-hand store just in case. It did become handy.  We had to cut out the bottom so that he could still do his litter box business, but it prevented him from licking where he should not be licking that night.

An alternative to the irritating cone after neutering procedure