Alternative to Cones and Nine’s N Day

Yes, our little furry doll reached the masculinity a little bit early. Barely six months old, Nine started spraying, and our odor-free house began to smell like a cattery…

We’d already had the appointment booked, but had to move it to a sooner date, due to Nine’s fast development.

I was very nervous. He is still such a small kitty and anything could go wrong. Also,  I found this article on follow this link to the article (will open in a new tab).  I did not realize that there could be downsides to neutering. Well, of course, it is a surgery and such, but I recommend you read the article to fully understand the impact of neutering and spaying on your furry babies.

So, overall, I was not too excited about the experience. Why was I so persistent to carry on with the neutering? Well, it needs to be done. So, off we went and got it done.

Nine was quite hyper when we picked him up. His pupils were dilated and he would not sit still for a minute. He is not a big talker, so he was not making any sounds, but I had a super difficult time keeping him secured in the car on the way home.

Cute little kitten in the medical cone
Nine on the way home in his funny cone

The vet gave us the cone. Though Nine looked adorable in it, it broke my heart to see him struggling to do simple things: get a drink of water, play with his toy. He kept bumping into the wall with it. He was still very much under the effect of the sedation.

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So, the next thing we did, was to remove the cone and outfit Nine in a 3 months old size baby sleeper. I bought it at a second-hand store just in case. It did become handy.  We had to cut out the bottom so that he could still do his litter box business, but it prevented him from licking where he should not be licking that night.

An alternative to the irritating cone after neutering procedure